Research Opportunity: GITCS(R)
January 30, 2018

Research Opportunity: GITCS(R)

Dr. Suzanne Campbell is asking for provincial participation for the completion of the research in the GITCS(R) research. Please see the information below.

Wanted nursing faculty and students to see a simulation and evaluate the health communication between patient and provider/family using the GITCS©. I have a videotaped simulation, with a professional actor playing the family member and a nursing student (all signed appropriate release forms for use in this study). I would like to circulate an invitation for an online completion of this project.

I am reaching out to the project leads at each institution as well as your respective directors, chairs, and deans: given a renewal of the ethics at your institution (and Thayanthi, my graduate assistant and I can help with that), would you be willing to email nursing faculty and students (or post on their face-book, blog sites) an invitation to participate in this study?

That way, every nursing faculty member and student would have access to:

– Observation of a simulated provider(nursing student)-patient/family interaction during a post-partum exam (high-fidelity patient and live family member)

– An assessment scale for therapeutic relationship – health communication (hard copy accessible, attached here)

– The 13-minute train-the-trainer video on GITCS use for the assessment of provider-patient communication [totally optional, but a bonus]

– An opportunity to enter a raffle for a mini-iPad (one for faculty group, one for student group)

It is all on-line – they can participate or not, (the video is 10 minutes). We are collecting a few demographics (school, faculty{years teaching} or student {level, term, semester}) and asking a few questions about their use of the scale (3-5 minutes max)….this is all part of the study that has been approved by ethics. No personal identifiers will be collected, entering the raffle is separate from filling in the survey and that information will be kept secure.

1) Link to Project: Research Gate Site for participation

2) U-21 Health Science Group “A guide for the assessment of clinical competence using simulation” –


Open to all involved in the management of technology and teaching of skill competency acquisition within nursing & health science education.

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