Western Canada Collaborative of Health Science Educators Society has grown out of identified need to connect health science educators to each other. This volunteer group, formerly known as the BC Lab Educators has a long history in BC and in the past represented nursing educators from across the province, however is expanding to include health science educators from across western Canada to:

Provide a forum to share best practice information regarding health science lab management, learning resources, simulation tools, and skill competency acquisition.

Promote a philosophy of collaboration and excellence in lab education to benefit individuals and organizations in healthcare.

Organize learning opportunities and conferences to promote excellence in health science education, experiential learning, and scholarship from a Canadian perspective

Enhance inter professional relationships across healthcare, post-secondary and industry.

Create a grassroots cooperative community of volunteers and mentors

Collectively enhance society member purchasing power in relation to simulation and lab educational tools.

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August 27, 2020

Message from the WCCHSE Chair

January 23, 2020

WCHSE Pre-Conference 2020 -Canceled


Open to all involved in the management of technology and teaching of skill competency acquisition within nursing & health science education.

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