KPU Faculty of Health
February 10, 2017

KPU Faculty of Health

KPU FoH is pleased to invite you to present at a day of workshops to share eLearning strategies for the classroom and online. This is a practical hands on opportunity to discuss e-learning tools with others and to build a community of practice. We are interested in accessible, easy to use, low-cost/free technologies that can be used in any classroom or clinical setting.

As we are all aware, learning technology has reshaped how we engage students in teaching, learning and creativity. Various apps, social media and new technologies continue to transform how we share, communicate, network, collaborate, create and disseminate seamlessly online and in the classroom. This conference will focus on the practical application of these types of technologies in relation to teaching and learning.

KPU Faculty of Health invites you to come and share e-learning tools that you have found particularly useful within your own teaching practice. We welcome examples from the classroom and online teaching of theory, lab and clinical experiences.

Date: Friday, April 21, 2017
Time: 0900 – 1600
Location: KPU Langley Auditorium, West # 1270

  • Presenters at the Breakout Sessions are encouraged to be informal and highly interactive.
  • Faculty presentations that involve student presenters will be welcomed.
  • Presenters will be notified by: Friday, March 17, 2017.

Submission Requirements

  • Name of presenter(s) and university or college affiliation.
  • Name of eLearning technology or tool (including a brief description).
  • Brief description of how this impacts student learning.
  • Link to access the technology or tool and associated costs if applicable.

Presenter Responsibilities

  • Maintain timely communications with the conference staff.
  • Conduct an informal, interactive presentation related to your proposal.
  • Respond to questions and comments from participants during the entire conference.
  • Any equipment required (apps, e-learning tools etc.) must be provided by the presenter via personal laptop or device.
  • Presentations must fit within a choice of 20 or 45 minute time frame.

If you are interested in sharing with us, please return by Friday, March 10, 2017, via email, the following information to:

KPU Faculty of Health:
Subject Line: Teaching With Pizzazz 2017!

Name/Title of Presentation:
Brief Description:
Presenter Name:
Presenter email and phone:
Institution Affiliation:
20 minutes
45 minutes


Open to all involved in the management of technology and teaching of skill competency acquisition within nursing & health science education.

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