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Date: May 17th to 21st



Monday May 17, 0900 (PST)

Laerdal: Greg Lee Soon

Nursing Anne Simulator: One Simulator – Many Patients

The first nursing simulator to cover every aspect of modern nursing education, Nursing Anne Simulator offers safe and realistic practice on core nursing skills – from basic assessments and critical thinking to advanced interventions. Designed as a modular platform, new accessories/interchangeable parts facilitate a variety of simulation and provide unique training opportunities. Our latest geriatric module provides physical realism needed to help learners reflect on uncertainties, complications, and complexities of geriatric nursing realities.

Tuesday, May 18, 0900 (PST)

Virtual Pulse BCIT: Michelle Kearns

Preparing Healthcare Professionals through Highly Interactive Virtual Simulations

Virtual Pulse, a highly interactive, web-based virtual simulation tool, provides unlimited access to real-to-life patient cases that encourage clinical decision-making in an effective and safe learning environment. Patient cases developed using Virtual Pulse adhere to best practices in simulation-based education and employ principles of gamification. Developed in collaboration with top industry and academic experts including British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), Unity Technologies, CAE Healthcare, and Animism Studios. Attend this session to see a demonstration of how Virtual Pulse is preparing healthcare professionals…anytime, anywhere.

Wednesday, May 19st, 0900 (PST)

CAE: Roger Crow

“Creating an effective learning environment in challenging conditions”

The current pandemic has highlighted the fact that learning providers need to be prepared to adapt/adopt strategies that will accommodate for sub-optimal conditions. This discussion will focus on dealing with the

unexpected and how to deliver meaningful and effective learning opportunities in the context of conditions outside of their control such as a hostile environment and geographically displaced/distanced learners.

Thursday, May 20th, 0900  (PST)

Elsevier: Daniela Freitas, Julie Roberston, Shellie Lim & Lisa Barden

Learn how Shadow Health’s virtual simulations increase critical thinking and clinical judgment

Join Lisa Barden to find out how you can help students master clinical reasoning through meaningful interactions with diverse and unfolding patient scenarios.  This realistic, screen-based simulation experience challenges students to apply their knowledge by practicing therapeutic communication and clinical intervention in a safe environment to help them prepare for practice and the NGN.

Friday May 21st, 1430 (PST)

Sentinel U: Natalie Nixon

Sentinel City® Canada – Simulation-Based Learning for Canadian Nursing Schools

See how a community health simulation, developed together with Canadian Nurse Educators, can support CASN entry-to-practice PHN competencies and INACSL’s Standard of Best Practice. Join us as we walk through this engaging new environment built specifically for Canadian nursing students.

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